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Poetically written for the art of poetry with an open mind and point of view. To stimulate the sensual side of our most intimate desires and fantasies.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ship Wreck

I have sailed this lonely ship too long
Sang my last love song
Across deep waters that stand still
All against my free will

All I want is to be loved
Touched from among
My hidden vessel
More precious than emeralds

Under the sky of blue
Sailing the shores with you
Lying across the white sand
Cum babe just take my hand

Sail across the Caribbean Island
No man’s land but woman’s paradise
Ahhh yeah now that will be nice
Tasting your pussy with sheer delight

Gently kisses across your mounds
All I hear is your moans with loud sounds
Wetness drips between your ass
As I explore leisurely never too fast

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