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Poetically written for the art of poetry with an open mind and point of view. To stimulate the sensual side of our most intimate desires and fantasies.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Can you feel the fire burning inside me? I have sold my soul to the dEVIL. As I kneel before hell's gates before you quench my thirst. And I will return the favor when you drink from my fountain ( @ )Y( @) of lust as it overflows with liquid joy. When I touch your skin gentle across your body will you see the lust engulf through my soul? So much passion drowns me as I reach out for a lifesaver. For it is my spirit that leads me to hell. Burning in the inferno while LQQKin for LVE. People call me a tease... maybe. But for one night of soul searching can I be your vixen? A genie with three wishes to make your DreamZZzz... cum tru. And in the morning from our slumber your fantasies will become reality. For I aim to please making the difference from a tease to the Woman of your dreams.


He is the jazz in my left thigh
And the red Hot apple candy in my eye
You see no need for others to compete
Cause he is my symphony beat
To all the music I need
And when he whispers sweet nothings in my ear
Everything is so clear and all my fears disappear
His kisses are much more than just a kiss
One of the things I that I miss in state of bliss
The eyes that look into my soul
That tells an erotic story untold
To my lonely broken heart
Reinsurance that we will never part
His sensual touch roaming across my body
Await with anticipation signaling I am ready
Burn with ecstasy
Moaning as I breath
Leaves me wet as the Caribbean Sea